Queso de Pimento Chiles Rellenos


 Queso Pimento Chiles Rellenos

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 Chiles rellenos are delicious, so we figured a Southern spin might be tasty. We were right! The chiles can be prepped and stuffed in advance, keeping these low fuss for the party.


pasilla or poblano peppers
homemade spicy pimento cheese
one egg per pepper
canola oil for frying


deep fryer or other frying apparatus
pan fitted with rack for draining oil


1. Wash peppers and cut a T shape on one flat side. Remove seeds and ribs (gloves are a good idea here!). Leave stem intact.

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2. Roast peppers under broiler until skins blacken. Immediately transfer to a bowl with a tight lid, or cover bowl in plastic wrap. Leave peppers in bowl to cool; the skins will loosen.

3. Carefully peel cooled peppers (might want those gloves again!).

4. Stuff peppers with pimento cheese. Chill until frytime.

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5. When you are ready to fry, heat oil to 375 F. Dredge peppers lightly in cornstarch. Separate eggs. Beat whites into foam. Beat yolks in a separate bowl. Combine whites and yolks.

6. Cover peppers in egg batter and drop carefully into oil. Fry until browned on both sides. Remove, drain briefly, and serve with your favorite enchilada sauce or salsa.

***Editor's Note: Use extreme caution when deep frying, and keep children away from the fryer!

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