Palm Sunday


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The only thing staining my palms is Sharpie ink.
A hypocrite who loves liturgy
and science isn’t likely to bleed
for her faith, though I watched that movie last night on cable,
the one with Gabriel Byrne as the sexy
priest and Patricia Arquette as the unduly afflicted,
and I stare at my palms all through church
willing them to bleed something other than a grocery list,
thinking how good it would feel to be a saint,
thinking how I need to write milk on my hand before I forget.

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  1. Short with a punch, like Ogden Nash.


  2. Michelle

    This hits home in so many ways! Love it!!

  3. Nonny

    I love it, indeed hits home! I have no doubt I will have earned a long paragraph about your crazy family!

  4. Nina

    Love it Lins short and to the point. So very proud of you. Awesome work.

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