Cinco de Fryo


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     So May 5 has already arrived, but why enjoy these delicious Mexico-inspired delicacies only once per year? Gather some friends, some beverages, and pull out the deep fryer. Try our Southern twists on Mexican delights, and you'll soon thank goodness it's fry-day. 

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     Are the recipes authentic? Nah. Are they delicious? You bet. Plus, prep is easy. All but the frying can be done in advance. Just put out the taco fixings and fry up the rest at party time. 


BLTacos (Hard shells, lettuce, bacon, tomato, avocado, mayo, hot sauce)

Pulled Pork Tacos (Barbecue, slaw, hard shells, sauce)

Queso Pimento Chiles Rellenos


"Fried" ice cream (Crumble well-done churros over ice cream. Trust us... we tried frying ice cream. This works far better.)

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