A Fair to Remember


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     Late summer and early fall raise many images and smells in folks’ minds, and if you happen to drive past fairgrounds during this time, you’re likely to get smacked with the blissful scents of fried dough and caramel apples. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for our wallets and waistlines), fair time is all too short, or maybe too hot or too rainy or too crowded. Whatever your reason, maybe you just need a little hit of fair food and festivities.

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     Fear not, fried-food famished. Drawl is here for you. We’ve put together a little menu of deep-fried and caramel-dipped delights for you and yours. Pick an early fall afternoon with friends and have yourselves A Fair to Remember.

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     A few quick tips -- make sure to get the small amount of prep work done in advance. Cut and freeze your cheese, whip up your tzatziki the night before, and have some mustard or other dipping sauces on hand. Have a rack in a pan for draining off grease, and be ready to serve your delights as soon as they’re ready. A deep fryer outdoors will make this part easier and let the cook be part of the socializing.

     Caution: Fry with care and away from kids. Hot grease is incredibly dangerous! We recommend a stable fryer with cover, high up from any small folks, with a break-away cord. Better yet, corral the kids with the apple-dipping station (but keep ‘em out of the bourbon sauce!).

Greek Pickle Dogs with Tzatziki
Fried Cheese
Caramel Dipped Apple Wedges

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