From the Editor: September 2013


From the Editor: September 2013

Dear Readers,

     Welcome back to another autumn issue. We're excited to be back and to have you along for the ride! 

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     After the slow hot days of summer, the breezes are bringing us back to life. We're ready for football, fall leaves, and cool evenings outside with friends. 

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     This issue is packed with music reviews and fun columns from our writers. We also have some off-season travel recommendations and reminders to prepare for the height of hurricane season. 

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     Also, we have one very special recipe. Since it's our second birthday, we decided cake was in order -- handheld, savory cupcakes. We used our most utilized (and, well, maybe overused looking at our recipe archives) recipe to top them. Our other gift is the fresh look for the site. 

     Thanks for coming back to celebrate with us, and we hope you'll stick around for many more Drawl birthdays. Invite your friends to party with us! Stay tuned for more articles, reviews, and recipes in the coming months.

     Happy fall! 

Summerlin Page, Editor in Chief

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