Our Holiday Card


Season's Greetings from Drawl

"Here's wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a Drawl-filled new year!"
- Amanda Odum, Publisher - Raleigh, NC 

"Wishing all y'all a joyous and peaceful holiday and a safe, exciting new year! You've all been a gift to us this year. <3"
- Summerlin Page, Editor-in-Chief - Raleigh, NC

"Merry holidays to all and the best in the new year!"
- Marilyn Jones Armstrong, Writer - Savannah, GA

"Season's greetings!"
- Eve Butler, Writer & Illustrator - Wilmington, NC

"Happy holler-days!"
- Alessandra Dreyer, Writer & Photographer - Washington D.C.

"Happy holidays and here's to a wonderful new year!"
- Lindsay Harris, Photographer - Athens, GA

"Whether it's in a wine glas or a mason jar, drink something delicious this holiday season. Cheers, y'all!"
- Katie Hunter, Wine Columnist - Jacksonville, FL

"May your roads be winding, your smoke be rich, your whiskey old, and your New Years bright!"
- Ian Underwood, Travel Writer - Norfolk, VA


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