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     Many folks are apt to ask, “Why have another magazine about the South?” Some folks even question whether there really is a South anymore. Best we can tell, there’s still a Northeast, an East Coast, a Midwest, a Texas, a West, a Northwest, and a West Coast, so as far as geographical regions go, certainly there is a South. But the South is more than just a location.

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     When we think of the South, our home, we think of social and family gatherings, sporting events, hot weather, front porches, grandparents, sweet tea, biscuits, grits, dogs, ceiling fans, and sweating. Yes, there are some less delightful things. We don’t overlook that. But, we’re not here to celebrate them.

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     “But,” someone might say, “everywhere has sporting events and gatherings and porches and grandparents and breads and porridges and pets and weather.”

     Well, yes. But they’re a little different here. Every place and culture has its quirks, and we delight in finding and examining them from all over. We’re here to present an honest, accessible view of the South.

     Many great magazines on the South exist. Hell, we subscribe to all of them. But, we’re not their demographic.

     We don’t live by the water. We don’t vacation only in Savannah and Charleston. We like recipes that are somewhere between grinding our own wheat for flour and opening a box of Jell-o and cake mix. We are nowhere near rich. We’re trying real hard to save up enough money to be labeled eccentric. When we travel, even within our state, people say we talk funny. We love our rural homeplaces. We have to spend time in the city.

     We aren’t afraid to explore. We’ll talk about politics and religion, from a safe distance, with a cocktail. Education is good. Literature is good. Racism is bad. Poverty is bad.

    We like good music, fair to middlin’ bourbon, happy dogs, roadside attractions, college ball, and the State Fair. We like to travel. We like to find tiny restaurants run by people old enough to be everybody’s grandparents.

    If you do live by the water and have a lot of money, that’s fine! We’re glad to have you. If you’re not Southern, please stay! If you’re like us, that’s okay too. Whoever you are, read on, and send us something if you are so inclined.

   Welcome to Drawl. We hope you’ll stay awhile.